About IKFF

A first of its kind global film festival hosted in schools, by schools, for schools. DELL-IKFF 2019 endeavours to introduce kids to the magic of films and utilize its power to educate and inspire. We’re bringing the best of children’s films from around the world for young minds at your school to WATCH, LEARN & MAKE Cinema.

  • Film Festivals bring stories from across the globe and create a community of thinkers and storytellers. Students learn in happy environments and access engaging content to connect with.
  • Schools today are challenged to find good content which would add value to the learning of their students.
  • This generation is digital first. Teaching them how to read and write is not enough. They need to be taught how to create/make visual content as well.
  • Films are a great medium to talk about social issues like class, race, gender conflicts and the retention of content in films are much longer.

Any school in any part of the world can host DELL-IKFF 2019

  • Watch Cinema takes place in the months of November and December 2019.
  • Learn Cinema can be accessed till 31st January 2020.
  • Make Cinema entries to be submitted by 31st January 2020.

The school, the management, the principal and the teachers are the major stakeholders and have a lot to gain from hosting DELL-IKFF 2019 in their school.

Schools can buy a license for 1, 2 or 4 days to host and participate at DELL-IKFF 2019

  • The celebration happens in the school with infrastructure that is already available.
  • Engagement and enrichment of students’ school life.
  • Make and Learn cinema add additional value to the students’ learning
  • The school’s participation in Make cinema provides international recognition to the school.

  • Branding and image building in society
  • Competitive edge in creating global consciousness amongst students
  • Students become socially responsible and future ready

  • DELL-IKFF 2019 films give students exposure to cultures, languages and societies all over the world, which in turn develops skills like empathy and people skills
  • Experiencing real life situations through specially curated international films, develops a global viewpoint and diverse perspectives in students.
  • DELL-IKFF 2019 is the means to prepare students to cross social barriers like language and intercultural living by generating curiosity and adaptability

Hosting IKFF

  • A comfortable seating area
  • Projector and projector screen
  • Sound System
  • Laptop/Desktop Computer
  • Wi-Fi with a minimum speed of 11MBPS (for Online Streaming)
The Festival Organizer’s Guide - Black Book is available to all host schools. In addition to this, there is 24*7 online support available from the central team

On registering for DELL-IKFF 2019 2019, schools undergo the following steps:

  • DELL-IKFF 2019 Online Training
  • Access to Communication Material
  • Pre-Festival Checklist
  • Festival Day Screening
  • Reporting of the Festival

Parallely, schools should motivate parents/students to download the school cinema app to access exclusive family films and also Learn & Make Cinema

DELL-IKFF 2019 license is an access provided to schools to host the festival at their premises and screen the best of international children’s films.

Schools can register and pay for DELL-IKFF 2019 by logging on to www.myikff.com

No, the schools cannot choose which films to show. The shows are curated by an award-winning team, backed by research and hence, should be screened as per the age-groups mentioned
No, the license has only one system access.
There are different sets of movies for the 1 Day / 2 Days/ 4 Days package. For each day, you will receive a different set of movies.
Subtitles are available in English for every film.
Foreign language films are introduced to expose kids to world cultures and languages. The exact number of foreign language films will be communicated in the Films Catalogue.
Once a school is onboard, they will be provided with login access to the DELL-IKFF 2019 Dashboard from where they can screen the films.

About the App

The School Cinema App will have the following DELL-IKFF 2019 features:

  • Watch Cinema - exclusive family films in the months of November - December
  • Learn Cinema - only the registered students for Learn Cinema will be able to view this feature and access the film-making master-classes
  • Make Cinema - students submit films made by them for the World’s Largest Student Film-making Competition
  • IKFF Activity Feed

School Cinema App will have exclusive family films streaming in the months of November and December, the schedule of which will be provided on the App. These movies will be different from the films shown in school.

The films in the app will be 8 to 15 minutes in duration.

Parents can download the App from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and get access to exclusive films on Watch Cinema.


No. Discounts which are provided for each package are the only options available.

It is recommended that the schools opt for 4 consecutive days in the months of November-December

Watch Cinema can only take place in the months of November and December. Learn and Make Cinema can be accessed till 31st January

An encrypted pen drive will be shipped to the schools along with a user to run the offline module in their designated system.

Schools can choose the dates to run the film festival and decide their show timings as per their timetable. Note that the shows can be shuffled within the day but cannot be carried forward to any other days. For example- the shows from Day 1 cannot be shown on other days and vice versa.

In case the schools wish to enroll more children for Learn Cinema, they have to pay per 50 students (only packages of 50 students are available. No individual cost for students are available)

IKFF is a school run event, like your annual day or sports day. It is up to the school to decide if they want to limit the number of students.

It is recommended that we do not make it optional for the kids to choose if they wish to view the films or not. The idea is to build a sense of community and generate a discussion around world cinema and film appreciation.

The recommended internet speed for a smooth screening is 11mbps